• Janette Wallace


    With a background in banking, Mrs. Wallace married her husband in 1974. Her husband was the owner of a small construction business in Columbia Mississippi. Over the years, that small business grew into one of the largest firms in the state.


    For the last 40 years, Janette Wallace has worked beside Thomas L. Wallace building and working in all facets of the construction industry. Mrs. Wallace says, "One of my greatest accomplishments was building my church’s Family Life Center in 1995. And five years later, we built our church, Woodlawn Church. I was the lead designer and coordinator from origin to completion on both of these multimillion dollar facilities."


    Mrs. Wallace also owned and operated the Microtel Inn and Suites for 4 years, from 2012 - 2016.


    When it comes to experience, hers is unparalleled. She has been in charge of many projects and seen even more. Her work ethic is to never stop until the project is completed and the customer is satisfied.


    At TLW, Inc., we do our job first class and expect everyone affiliated to do the same.

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